Teaching English online has many advantages when compared to standard classroom teaching. However, one of the things that makes teaching certain topics difficult is that we don’t usually have a common book to work from, and this can complicate our lives a little when teaching things such as grammar. Finding good grammar explanations and exercises online can be quite a hassle and most of the websites look like they haven’t been updated in 15 years.

In the last few years on Fluentify we have searched high and low (thanks google) for the best online resources to work easily and effectively with our students. We wanted to share these sites with you that you can use as some of your go-to resources for your sessions.

1. Perfect English Grammar

This website is one of the most visually pleasing, but also full-of-content sites. There are clear, practical explanations for various grammar topics and appropriate exercises. The author is also very attentive in explaining the differences between the ways that US and UK speakers may use certain concepts differently. Highly recommended.

2. Englisch-Hilfen

This German website has very simple explanations and multiple examples for most grammar concepts. Their strongest feature is the number of exercises and comprehensive tests for each individual concept. Great for sending follow up activities.

3. British Council Grammar

The British Council website is always a reliable resource for all of our teaching needs, whether speaking topics, listening activities, or interactive games. In addition, they also have a more limited, but still high-quality, section for grammar explanations and exercises. This section of the site is good for younger or lower-level students.

These are just three of the endless grammar resources out there. We hope that having these saved in your tabs will save you some time when planning lessons or giving follow-up activities.

Are there any other resources you use for grammar topics? Share them in the comments below!

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