Even with great lessons it’s still normal to lose some students here and there.  This has nothing to do with your teaching method, but more with unpredictable events that happen in your students’ lives. In this article we’ll explore how reconnect with old students to gain sessions and attract new ones. 

1. Find your old students

Use the tutor panel to find some of your old students that you can bring back to Fluentify! Scroll through your students in the ‘Find Your Students’ section and look for some students who only did around 5 or 6 sessions (meaning they probably have sessions left in their pack!). Make sure to look for students that you remember or have some notes about- this way you can reference these personal things in your message.

2. Write a personal message

This is the most strategic part of this process- write a note to the student (either in the messages on Fluentify or an email if you have his/her email address) to ‘check in’. Ask the student how he/she is doing, say that you’ve missed your sessions together and then ask how the process of reaching their goal is going. Tell them you’d love to keep working with them and tell them to check out your calendar.

3. Update your calendar

This is important for these sessions and the number of sessions you get booked normally- the further in the future you have availability (with availability during the high demand times), the more likely students are to book a bunch of sessions at once. If you’re contacting these older students make sure that they have slots to book!

4. Use the ‘peak hours’ tool on your calendar

Pick your teaching hours wisely by using the ‘peak hours’ tool in the calendar. Block off hours when you don’t normally have sessions for yourself to give your students even more reason to book that session with you NOW (or lose the opportunity). 

5. Update your profile picture

Some students are always looking to meet new teachers. Even if you’ve been with us a while we’ve noticed a spike in new bookings when a teacher changes their profile picture. We guess that this is because even though the teacher isn’t new, students still respond to a new picture on the system. Updating your picture is very easy, just go to Settings > Profile > Upload picture. 


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