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How do you teach English? All teachers have their favourite activities and go-to speaking practices, but did you know that there are several methods to teach English that target grammar and vocabulary in a particular, focused and skilful way? 

Tutors that have training in a method stand out among their peers because they have a skillset to draw on, that many students really appreciate. Fluentify has a handful of such tutors on the platform, each teaching with their own method – and they are all very popular.

What training are you offering?

To support our tutors in your professional development, Andromeda, the Tutor Community Manager, is offering all our tutors a free, elective, short training on a powerful way to teach grammar online – oral drills. In addition, you’ll also learn some fun, effective techniques to practise targeted vocabulary.  

What is an oral drill? 

A drill is a way to get your student to verbally practice a piece of grammar answering carefully directed questions. It is a dynamic and skilful way to teach language, that really works. It is perfect for teaching online also as you don’t need any props, whiteboards or materials. All the student needs to practice the language is the tutor and their voice.  

How will the course work?

The course is divided into four 30-minute sessions. You are free to choose one session, all, or a combination of two or three, depending on your needs. Here is what each session covers. 


  1. A beginner student’s first class. 
  2. Prepositions of place. 
  3. Comparative adjectives.
  4. Present continuous.
  5. Question practice.
  1. The present simple vs. the present perfect vs. the present perfect continuous. 
  2. Adverbs: Already, yet, just and just about to.
  3. Infinitives vs. gerunds. 
  4. Negative pronouns/nouns: anything vs. nothing, anyone vs. no one, either vs. neither, any, none, no.
  5. Question practice.
  1. Conditional tenses
  2. Even if, unless and as long as
  3. Usually, used to, to be used to and to get used to
  4. Modal verbs in past
  5. Reported speech 
  1. Role plays that really work.
  2. Asking the right questions and getting examples.
  3. Practising vocabulary through stories.
  4. How to teach phrasal verbs (a new and interesting technique).
  5. Homework activities and repetition. 


Tell me more about the benefits of oral drills.

It is a controlled speaking exercise where the teacher gets their students to practice a certain grammar point by answering carefully directed questions. What you are basically doing is giving your students the language repetition they had when they learnt their native tongue as children, but in a much shorter space of time. Drills are a very powerful language teaching tool.

If I do this course, what can I expect?

Up to four one-on-one sessions with me. Don’t worry, these sessions are designed to support you, not stress you out. 

You can expect a friendly face at the other end with no homework assignments, pressure, stress or tests. You tell us when you’re free and I’ll book a 30-minute session on your calendar. You can complete the course over a few days, weeks or months if you wish. Fluentify is here for you. 

How long does each session last?

30-35 minutes. 

Do I have to do all of the sessions?

No. You can choose to do one session, or all, or a combination of two or three depending on your needs and interests. 

Will I do this course with other tutors?

Most of the time, no. You will do one-on-one sessions. In rare cases, you may have a group session with another tutor also but this depends on demand. 

What are the benefits for me?

You will gain a new skill in your teaching armoury to impress your students and get results (as well as plenty of repeat bookings). Gaining these skills will also cut down on your preparation time as you will no longer have to prepare gap-fill worksheets or spending hours searching the internet for material. You’ll have the expertise to teach many grammar points just through speaking.  

What are the benefits for my students? 

Fluentify’s motto is, ‘Speaking Everything Changes.’ Fluentify chose this motto for a reason, namely, as studies have shown, the majority of language is acquired through oral practice. By giving your students to orally practice grammar and vocabulary points in a targeted way, they will improve their speaking faster and book more lessons with you. 

Will I get any materials as part of this course?

Yes, you’ll get an information sheet that explains how to conduct each drill. You’ll also get copies of picture materials that tutors use to supplement these drills. 

Will I have to use this method in my classes after my course?

No, you are free to teach English as you wish. However, personally, I do feel that after I have introduced you to the ways of the force, that you will want to use them. 

I am interested. How do I enrol?

Simple! Just fill out the contact form below. Alternatively, just send me a message in Slack and I’ll get back to you. 

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