Seeing the ways that students change their lives through their use of English is one of the things that makes working as an English teacher so amazing. Our work is the definition of dynamic- each student has their own goals, hopes, and dreams, many of which are dependent upon how well they are able to communicate in English. Over the past year and a half, I have had the privilege of working with Jonathan, a hipster from the Milan area with a diverse background in sales, customer service, and the food industry. While he was positive and enthusiastic about his past work experiences, Jonathan always left feeling unfulfilled. As a way to broaden his horizons and embark on new journeys, Jonathan decided that he wanted to travel, and to do so, he really needed to improve his English.

After beginning to study on his own, Jonathan realized that he wasn’t learning the English that would be most useful for successfully moving abroad. When we met on Fluentify, Jonathan’s level was advanced beginner, and though he had a limited vocabulary to work with, he was really determined to speak and communicate with others. We started doing sessions consistently, 1-2 a week for about 4-5 months. In this time, we used lots of real-life materials such as blog articles, videos, and news sites to talk about things that Jonathan was interested in while expanding relevant vocabulary and speaking skills. As a student, he was also very motivated outside of our lessons and did everything to learn a little bit of English every day from listening to podcasts and watching TV series, to changing all devices and social media to English. He took a lot of ideas from our article about 10 meta-learning tips that served as a great support to his sessions and outside studying. Jonathan started to show real improvement, and he decided that he was ready to start applying to jobs.


After working on his CV, we started doing some interview preparation. We used this resource for at least 4-5 sessions, which is one of my favorite articles with relevant, challenging, and appropriate interview questions. Then, of course, it’s important to evaluate the job positions that the student is looking for. We did research on the various requirements and responsibilities and developed additional sample interview questions that were specific to the job/ sector. After responses from a few companies and multiple rounds of interviews, Jonathan accepted a job working for Airbnb in Cork, Ireland in the Customer Service Department. After almost a year at Airbnb, he recently accepted an offer at Amazon in Ireland as well. During his time in Ireland, he has continued studying English and is currently preparing to take a Cambridge English exam.

I spoke with Jonathan recently and he told me that this experience has changed his life- and not only that, he significantly improved his English and has finally saved enough money through these jobs to make one of his dreams a reality- travel across Asia and eventually spend some time living and working in Australia. I am confident that he will go on to do great, exciting things and I am proud that Fluentify has played a role in helping him get there.

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