Looking for an upper intermediate-level business English conversation lesson? This article will work- it goes through four general guidelines for closing any kind of meeting effectively.

You can check out the article here → 4 Things You Should Do at the End of Every Meeting

After reading through the article with your student, you can use these discussion questions to help the class flow smoothly:

Do you have meetings often at work?
Who do you have your meetings with?
Where do you usually have meetings?
Do you think your meetings are effective?
How could you improve the meetings that you participate in?
How could the meeting moderators at your company improve the meetings they lead?

And here are some vocabulary/ phrases that you might want to review with your student:

‘colossal waste of time’ twists/ turns ‘keep the meeting on track’
To wrap up meeting recap to be on the same page
sit-down to end up ‘leave people to their own devices’
groan to handle something ‘get something in writing’
‘you wouldn’t mind’ follow-through breakdown
‘nothing to show for it’ to address (something) to claim ignorance

Any other interesting discussion questions you would use? Comment them below!