Need an idea for an intermediate to advanced- level general conversation lesson? This article talks about tech usage, but focuses on the parent side rather than the child side.

You can check out the article here →Parents’ mobile use harms family life, say secondary pupils

After reading through the article with your student, you can use these discussion questions to help the class flow smoothly:

How would you describe your mobile phone usage?
Are there certain times of day when you think we should ban mobile use?
What do you think of the fact that the parents and children polled the parent mobile use so differently?
Do you think that parents need to have more conversations about the safe use of technology with their children?
How do you think both parent and child use of mobile phones will change over time?

And here are some vocabulary/ phrases that you might want to review with your student:

Poll To rise To set boundaries
To carry out research To lack (something) ‘Join up the dots’
To enjoy (someone’s) company Deprivation ‘ a wake-up call’
To take (no) notice Headmaster Ahead
To feel upset Integral Leading
Amid To be aware (of something) To take part in (something)

Any other interesting discussion questions you would use? Comment them below!