In Italy, everyone goes on holidays in August. As you may have noticed, there may not be that many students booking sessions as most of them are either on the beach, in the mountains or in their country home somewhere in the beautiful Italian countryside. While all of the above-mentioned places are famous for spectacular landscapes and delicious food, they are not your best bet if you’re looking for a solid internet connection!

We all know, however, that all good things come to an end, and our students will eventually come back! They will then want to tell you all about the places they visited in Italy, the food they ate and the wine they drank.

Why don’t you get ready for your first after-summer session with this article: “The 60 Best Holidays in Italy”? It may also inspire you to make Italy your next holiday destination!

The article can be a great starting point for a discussion about places to visit in Italy and things to do. Be aware that students may get really emotional especially if they disagree with what they read in the article 🙂

You may go through some parts of the article during your session or you may ask your student to read it before the scheduled lesson. Whatever you decide to do, you are guaranteed to have a fun lesson!

Here is some vocabulary I picked from the text but you can choose other expressions depending on the level of your student, or you can play with opposites and synonyms.


by far rich regional variety to hold sway
easily accessible to bear in mind charm
overstated wary dwellings
wilderness unspoilt cultural heritage
mountain trails sublime sand quaint coastal towns


There are other articles related to the one attached here, including  “Ordering coffee in Italy – 10 Commandments”,  “Top 10 food and wine holidays” or “Top 10 art and culture holidays”.

Have fun!