There are thousands of sessions booked on Fluentify every month, there are hundreds of students booking these sessions and over 50 active teachers trying to meet their studentsโ€™ expectations every day. Trying to keep track of all the students seems to be a mission!… Impossible? Well, this article is an overview of different student types we come across on Fluentify.

Let’s look at the list, with a pinch of salt, please:

  1. The bulldozer or the determined type โ€“ someone who buys 10 or 20-session packs like crazy!
  2. The wanderer โ€“ someone who likes adventure so keeps changing tutors for no obvious reason
  3. The straggler or the last-minute type โ€“ someone who wants to learn but is so disorganized that never manages to book the session because itโ€™s usually already too late
  4. The swimmer or a full-immersion type โ€“ someone who books a lot of sessions in a row hoping for a miracle
  5. The quitter โ€“ someone who has all the good intentions, uses up their first 3-session pack and never comes back
  6. The chatterbox โ€“ someone who will talk for 30 minutes non-stop, tends to ignore the tutor, makes zero progress but is always happy
  7. The apologiser or sorry-I-forgot-to-do-my-homework-again type โ€“ someone who always asks for homework and never does it
  8. The one-night stand โ€“ someone you meet once, the session goes very well but they never book again
  9. The organizer or my-company-just-gave-me-20-tokens type โ€“ someone their books all of his sessions in advance and then will cancel the day before
  10. The procrastinator or my-tokens-expire-next-week type โ€“ someone who will book 5 sessions a day for a period of a few days in order to use up the tokens which are expiring
  11. The teacherย โ€“ someone who seems to know better than you how to teach English and plans the lessons themselves
  12. The flamer or the high expectations type โ€“ someone who will start off really well, booking lots of sessions a day but then burns out and never comes back
  13. The desperado or I-need-a-miracle type โ€“ someone who has just realised that they have a really important presentation or exam very soon and hopes to achieve the impossible
  14. The reviewer or the window shopper โ€“ someone who checks your profile out, watches the video, maybe even books a session but never shows up so you never get to meet them and they never get to realise what a great teacher they could have had
  15. The spy or the secret shopper โ€“ someone who is from another company or another English teacher looking at your methods
  16. The apprentice โ€“ this is a rare type; you may not have met many of them but when you do make sure you do your best to keep them! The apprentice will trust you and your method, do their homework, appreciate error correction, leave you good feedback, book in advance a lot of sessions on a regular basis and never cancel unless itโ€™s a real emergency

Needless to say, we all just love teaching on Fluentify!

And on a more serious side, we have to say that our students are a pleasure to teachย as no matter which category they fall into, they are extremely friendly, open-minded and fun to be with ๐Ÿ™‚

If you feel the list is still missing something, feel free to share your ideas with us!