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Welcome to Fluentify’s library of picture worksheets for teaching English online. These pictures are designed to be used on the Fluentify platform, either through the shared screen function or downloaded as a pdf and shared with your student through the attachment function in the chat.

We’re adding to this library all of the time and so if you need a some pictures to teach a grammar or vocabulary point, drop us a line on Slack at #sharingmaterials and we’ll publish what you need here.

Each pdf worksheet comes with a set of short instructions to help you on your way.

For more role plays, check out these activities designed to practice practical situations

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Then check out our list of worksheets for B1-B2.

Beginners vocabulary: Office and everyday objects

Help your student to memorise the names of everyday and office objects with this worksheet.


Starting from the top left, ask your student to name each object. To practice adjectives, ask them to name the colour and some characteristic. For example, ‘those are small metal keys.’

Next, practice questions and negatives. If you’re sharing your screen, point with your curser to the mobile phone and ask ‘is this a watch?’ Get them to answer in the negative and say ‘no, this isn’t a watch. It is a mobile phone.’

Then practice negative plurals by pointing to the sunglasses and asking, ‘are these shoes?’ Ask your student to answer in negative and say, ‘no they aren’t shoes. They are sunglasses.’

Finally, practice questions by getting your student to ask you questions such as, are the shoes blue?’ or,is the watch next to the camera?’

Office and everyday objects pdf

Beginners vocabulary: Nations and nationalities

Teach students the names of nationalities.


Using the shared screen function point to a country and ask your student to tell you the nationality. Don’t forget to practice ‘the people are…’ (i.e. ‘people’ is plural, not singular) by asking your student to make the sentences such as, ‘the people are Italian in Italy, the people aren’t French.’ (For example).

Nations and nationalities PDF download

Beginner vocabulary: This, that, these and those

There is some room for debate, but generally speaking anything within reaching distance (when you don’t have to move anything but your arms) would be classified as ‘this‘ or ‘these.’ Anything outside of reaching distance is classified as ‘that‘ and ‘those.’


To practice demonstrative pronouns ask your student to imagine that they are sitting at this desk. Next, tell them to classify the objects using a demonstrative pronoun. For example, ‘this is a coffee, that is a plant.’ ‘These are papers to my left while those are notebooks.’

This and that, these and those PDF download

A1 vocabulary: Clothing

Help your students to memorise the names of common items of clothes with this worksheet.


Using the shared screen, point to an object and ask your student to tell you what it is. Alternatively, send your student the file using the clip icon in the messages. Practice colour + noun combinations by getting student to say things like, ‘they are green boots. They are not white shoes.’

Clothing PDF download

A1 vocabulary: Food and drink


Using the shared screen point to a food or drink item and ask your student to tell you what it is. Alternatively, send your student the file using the clip function in the messages and ask them to name as many food and drink items as possible.

Food and drink download

A1 grammar: Prepositions of place

Practice ‘on’, ‘in’, ‘above’, ‘under’, ‘behind’, ‘in front of’, ‘next to’ and ‘between‘ with this worksheet.


Using the shared screen function, point to an object. The student must tell you where it is using appropriate preposition of place. To practice negatives ask your student things like, ‘is the dog on the sofa?’ and get them to answer, ‘no, it is not on the sofa, it is under the coffee table.’

This is also an excellent exercise to practice furniture vocabulary.

Prepositions of place PDF download

A1 grammar: possessive adjectives and pronouns

Practice the possessive adjectives: ‘his’, ‘her’, ‘their’ and the possessive pronouns: ‘his’, ‘hers’ and ‘theirs’.


First go through each possessive adjective. Practice, ‘my’ and ‘your’ by getting your student to ask you your name and vice versa. Next, ask your student to make sentences with ‘our’ by talking about their company or family.

For example: ‘Our company is in the oil sector,’ or, ‘our family name is Jones.’

Finally, practice ‘his’, ‘her’ and ‘their’ by asking your student to comment on these bands.

For example: ‘Her dress is red’, ‘his instrument is a saxophone’, ‘their band (seems to) play jazz.’

In another lesson go through the possessive pronouns. Practice, ‘mine’, ‘yours’ and ‘ours’ by making sentences.

For example: ‘The red pen is mine. My pen is red.’ ‘The big office is ours. Our office is big.’

Next, practice the possessive pronouns ‘his’, ‘hers’ and ‘theirs’ by using the same pictures. For example: The cello is his.’ ‘The violin is hers.’

Review these language points periodically until your student is confident using them.

Possessive adjective and pronoun download

A1 grammar: Somebody, something, somewhere

Practice making requests with ‘somebody’, ‘something’, ‘somewhere’, plus, ‘anybody’, ‘anything’, ‘anywhere’ with this activity.


Ask your student to imagine that they have some of these office problems. Ask them to make requests using ‘somebody/someone’, ‘something’, ‘somewhere’.

For example: ‘We need someone to fix the microphone for this presentation.’

In another class, practice making the question and answering with negative using ‘any’ words.

For example: ‘Do you know anyone who can fix my computer?’ ‘I know someone who can fix hardware but I don’t know anyone who can help you with that virus.’

‘Do you have anything which I can use to repair this pipe? ‘Yes, I have something. What about some tape?’


  • Photocopier not working.
  • Computer has a virus.
  • Screen is broken.
  • Microphone is broken.
  • Speaker is boring.
  • Teamwork has broken down.
  • Bathroom has flooded.
  • Toilet blocked.
  • Pipe has burst.
PDF download: someone, somewhere, something

A2 grammar: Present continuous

Practice the present continuous by getting your student to ask and answer questions about these people.


First, ask your student a question that they can’t get wrong, by giving them two options, one of which is ridiculous. For example, for the first picture you could ask: ‘Is the man dancing or reading a newspaper?’ Your student will automatically answer, ‘he is reading a newspaper.’ Do this a few times until they are comfortable with the complete ‘he is’ or ‘she is’ answer and then start throwing curve balls. For example:

Tutor: ‘Is the woman in the first picture wearing a skirt or trousers?’

Student: ‘She is wearing a skirt.’

Tutor: ‘And you?’

This question forces the student to think and use the grammar themselves to form the sentence ‘I am wearing…’

Don’t forget to practice negatives and interrogative sentences also.

Here are some suggested questions:

Picture one: Two people at the office
  • Is the woman with the red skirt sitting or walking?
  • And you? And me?
  • Is she working at her desk?
  • What is she doing?
  • And you? And your brother?
  • Is the man with the red tie reading or writing?
  • What is he reading?
  • Are you reading?
  • Is he looking at you or the newspaper?
  • What are you looking at? What are you listening to? And me?
  • Are the men in picture two standing or sitting?
  • What are they wearing?
  • What is the man in picture two holding?
  • What is the woman with the red jacket in picture two doing?
  • And me?
Present continuous PDF download

A2 grammar: comparative adjectives

Using different comparative adjectives, ask your student to compare and contrast these photos. Ask them to comment on the emotions, clothing and environment of these people. For example, ‘the office is nosier than the mountain’, or, ‘the woman looks happier than the men.’

Comparative adjectives download

A2 vocabulary: The interior of a house

Practice rooms and furniture vocabulary with this picture worksheet.

House interior download
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